Ballbusting and CBT -

Dominant females kicking balls and ballbusting males punishing and destroying their useless balls with lots of CBT and balls whipping.

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Sadistic Mistresses performing no mercy ballbusting and CBT.
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Sadistic redhead Mistress using her single tail whip to punish her slave's cock
Extremely sexy but at the same time severe CBT with spiked high heels and balls flattening device and cock and balls trampling
More Ebony Domme punishing white slave using her crop to whip his cock and mark it for her pleasure
Merciless Domme slaps her slave's balls over and over, fucks his ass, slaps his cock, and puts him in chastity
Beautiful gothic Mistress in sexy outfit takes great pleasure in sounding her slave's cock nice and deep with metal rods
Mistress has her slave in bondage on the bed and completely teases his cock making him suffer
Slave is securely tied and immobilized so Mistress can give him a painful handjob the way she wants without interference
Ebony Mistress in black stockings and high heels punishes her slave's genitals with her hands and crop
Short hair redhead bedroom Domme has her slave's balls chained and leashed while giving him a femdom handjob

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